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Swope Mountain Calls

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Owner and Custom Woodworker

Warren D. Swope
My name is Warren Swope and I am a lifelong resident of Berea, KY.  
Berea is a small town nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian
Mountains.  Growing up in this area, I spent many of my childhood days
fishing and hunting on our family farm and learned to appreciate all the
beauty nature provides.  My other passion in life is woodworking.  My
interest in woodworking has been passed down to me through 3
generations so you could say it was born into me.

I was introduced to turkey hunting several years ago and became hooked
immediately.  After discovering most of the calls used in this sport were
made mostly of wood, it was a natural progression for me to try my hand
at making a few.  After making my first box call and hearing what
sounded like an "Ole Hen", I was forever changed.  I then decided I
wanted to make the best call I could.

I have been making calls for several years.  The native wood I am using
has all been harvested off of the Swope Mountain Farm located in
Madison County Kentucky.  This includes Walnut, Cherry,
Poplar, Cedar, Oak, and Persimmon.  All of these woods have been dried
naturally on site in our #2 barn.

All of my calls are individually hand made.  I use only basic power tools
therefore each call is unique and has it's own personality and character.  
not using a production type manufacturing environment, I believe this
adds the personal touch to each call I make.
 This makes me feel like the
call I make
for You is truly for You.

I hope you greatly enjoy owning and using one of my calls as much as I
enjoy making them.

Thank You,

Warren D. Swope
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